Eshqua Bog 2023

Jane and I made two trips to the Eshqua Bog in Hartland, VT this year: one in early June and the other a few days ago. The bog has many unusual plants, including a couple of types of lady slippers. The yellow ones bloom in early June.

Yellow lady slipper. Eshqua Bog, 6/8/2023

The showy lady slippers bloom in late June.

Showy lady slippers. Eshqua Bog. 6/26/2023
A patch of showy lady slippers. Eshqua Bog. 6/26/2023

We found a white lady slipper among the showy lady slippers, a mutation?

White lady slipper. Eshqua Bog. 6/26/2023

There are other bog flowers present:

Water avens with a bee. Eshqua Bog. 6/8/2023
Butterfly. (Northern Crescent?). Eshqua Bog. 6/25/23