From my kayak 6/30 -7/7/2024

Jane and I have been out a few times together. On Sunday 6/30 we went to the Pompy.

After some family obligations, we returned to the Pompy on 7/5. Apparently the merganser family got separated. We saw the mama upriver from the youngsters. Like the wood ducks, merganser mama will often leave the young to hide while she tries to lead the predator away from them. The merganser duckling was keeping fairly close to a female mallard. We also found a doe and fawn in a setback.

Yesterday, we returned to the Connecticut River. When we got to the launch, we saw an eagle flying toward the dam and then heard many loon calls. We followed the eagle and found 4 loon adults. We went south by Kilowatt South, then followed the New Hampshire shore, paralleling the loons, seeing other things as we went along. The highlight was when we saw a loon swallow a fish about 10 inches long.

From my kayak 6/20-27

We have been out in our kayaks several times this week. Saturday we started out in a heavy mist, paddling out of Wilder.

On Tuesday we headed to Grafton pond. There were plenty of dragonflies and damsel flies. The goose family was near the boat launch. We only saw three loons: a single adult in the middle of the lake and a pair near the boat launch as we were taking out. We also found a turtle and some laurel and sundew.

This morning we headed back to the Connecticut and Mink Brook. We saw at least 5 families of ducks, mostly around Kilowatt park.

Mallard family. Connecticut River 6/27/24

Back in the kayak 5/23-6/12

After a long winter and a short spring photographing the dogs at Kilowatt, Jane and I put our kayaks in the water. We have been to our usual spots (the Connecticut River out of Wilder, and the Pompy) as well as trips to Upper Baker Pond and MacDaniel’s Marsh. Unfortunately, the North Hartland Lake is still closed from the flooding last July.

Ompompanousuc River 6/12/24

The ducks and geese have little ones.

Canada goose family. McDaniels Marsh, 5/23/24
Canada geese families. Ompompanousuc River 6/1/24
The heron is coming! Mallard family. Connecticut River 6/11/24
People are coming! Wood duck family. Ompompanousuc River 6/5/24
Common merganser family. Ompompanousuc River 6/12/24

We have seen other birds:

and animals.

and flowers.

Eshqua Bog

This morning, Jane and I took our annual pilgrimage to Eshqua Bog in Hartland, VT to see the showy lady slippers and other bog plants.

They were plentiful, almost at peak. After last night’s rain, they still had droplets of water on them.

Water avens

From my kayak August-September-October

I guess it is past time to post. The kayaks have been put away for the winter, but we did have some fine paddles in the late summer and fall.