View from a kayak 6/23-7/8

The past few weeks we have continued to paddle the Connecticut River between Wilder and Hanover including Mink Brook, and North Hartland Lake. We have seen beaver and muskrat on both lakes,

Beaver raising its tail to splash.
North Hartland Lake, VT 6/23/18
beaver splash.
North Hartland Lake, VT 6/23/18

as well as great blue herons,

Great blue heron.
Mink Brook, Hanover, NH 7/7/18


Immature bald eagle being chased by a kingbird.
North Hartland Lake, VT 7/8/18

dragon flies,

Dragon fly.
North Hartland Lake, VT 7/5/18

damsel flies,

Water lily with a damsel fly.
Mink Brook, Hanover, NH 7/3/18

and plenty of ducklings.

Ducklings swimming.
Connecticut River, Hanover, NH 7/3/18

Ducklings following mama.
Connecticut River, Wilder, VT 6/30/18