From my kayak 6/23-7/6

We have had a fair amount of rain and hot weather, but we did make it to the Connecticut River/Mink Brook, Ompompanoosuc River, North Hartland Lake, and Post Pond. We joined Jane’s family on Goose Pond.

Emily all bundled up in her Uncle Judson’s kayak. Goose Pond 7/5/21

The loons are around, some sitting on nests.

Common loons. Goose Pond 7/5/21
Loon on the nesting platform. Post Pond 6/29/21
Family watching a loon. Goose Pond 7/5/21

The eagles have fledged at North Hartland Lake, but the parents still hang around near the nest.

Bald eagle. North Hartland Lake 6/26/21

We also saw one on Goose Pond.

Bald eagle taking off. Goose Pond 7/5/21
Bald eagle. Goose Pond 7/5/21

At Goose Pond we found a couple of great blue herons.

Great blue heron in a tree. Goose Pond 7/5/21

The mallard drakes are hanging together while the hens are taking care of the ducklings.

Mallards. Goose Pond 7/5/21
Mallard and duckling. Mink Brook 6/25/21

At Post Pond we only saw one adult goose with one nearly grown gosling. Usually there are two adults with several goslings. We were wondering what happened to the others. Did a predator get them? if so which one?

Goose and gosling on the town beach. Post Pond, 6/29/21

We found at least 3 families of geese on Goose Pond with varying aged goslings.

Adult geese guard the goslings. Goose Pond 7/5/21
Kingfisher. North Hartland Lake, 6/26/21

And of course we found flowers.

Pickerel weed. Post Pond, 6/29/21
Water lily. North Hartland Lake 6/26/21