Late Spring Kayaking

Jane and I have been kayaking several times since mid-May.

The Pompy in the spring. Ompompanoosuc River 5/16/21

The Pompy had several families of Canada geese as well as some hooded mergansers.

Canada Goose and goslings. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25/21
Hooded merganser family. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25

They are both good parents but with differing parenting styles. The geese kept close watch over their goslings, keeping them in line with adults at both ends.

Canada goose family all in a line. Ompompanoosuc River 5/25/21

On the other hand, the hooded merganser mother hid her family and splashed away, hoping we would follow her.

Mama hooded merganser splashing to lead us away from her family.

We also saw a variety of birds, animals, and flowers on the rivers we paddled.

Kingbird. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Red winged blackbird. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25/21
Eagle. North Hartland Lake 6/1/21
Frog. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Columbine. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Pink petals in the river. Connecticut River 5/19/21

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