From my kayak 8/31-9/4

This has been a week for fog, green herons, falcons, turtles, and a cormorant.

Goose and duck in the fog. Connecticut River 9/4/2018
Annoyed green heron. Connecticut River, Wilder, VT 8/31/2018
Green heron. Mink Brook, 9/4/2018
Green heron sticking out his tongue. Mink Brook, 9/4/2018
Peregrin with kingbird. Ompompanousuc, Norwich, VT 9/2/2018
Merlin. North Hartland Lake 9/1/2018
American kestrel. North Hartland Lake 9/1/2018
Painted turtle North Hartland Lake 9/1/2018
Wood turtle. Ompompanousuc River 9/2/2018
Cormorant. Connecticut River 8/31/2018

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