From my kayak 7/25-8/1

We have not been out kayaking much this summer thanks to predicted thunder showers, flooding and various appointments. One of our favorite locations, North Hartland Lake, has been closed for the rest of the summer because of the floods in mid July. But we have managed a few outings.

Mt Cardigan. Grafton Pond 8/1/23

Back in the kayaks!

After a winter of walking with the dogs, we are looking forward to getting back in the kayaks.

On Tuesday, Jane and I went out to Grafton Pond. It was the only day this week that didn’t have a windy afternoon. We saw a few loons, some geese and a turtle, and enjoyed a lovely paddle. It was good to be back on the water.

Mt. Cardigan
Loon showing off his bracelets.
Canada goose family
Painted turtle

From my kayak: End of the season. 10/18-24

The kayaks are put away for the winter, but we had several trips out in late October, a couple with Jane’s family.

Rick and Susie. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020
Rick and Adam. Lake Fairlee, VT 10/18/2020
Connecticut River. 10/22/20
Rick and Jamie. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020
Reflections. Lake Fairlee, VT 10/18/2020

The water fowl are skittish, and harder to find.

Common merganser. Connecticut River, 10/22/2020
Hooded mergansers take off. Mink Brook 10/22/2020
Mallard. Mink Brook. 10/20/2020
Canada goose. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020

but there are other birds to be found.

Great blue heron. Mink Brook, 10/22/2020
White throated sparrow. Connecticut River, VT 10/18/2020
Immature eagle. Ompompanoosuc River 10/20/2020
Loon. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020

McDaniels Marsh 5/25

We had a good day at McDaniels. A little chilly and windy, but the wildlife viewing was excellent. The highlight of the day was seeing an American bittern, a lifer for me.

American bittern McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20
American bittern. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

The blackbirds were plentiful,

Red-winged blackbird. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

as were the Canadian geese.

Canadian geese. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

We even saw a loon pair.

Loon. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

The frogs were singing mating calls,

Frogs McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

and the osprey was watching it all.

Osprey. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

Paddles 5/20-23

We have had some warmer weather and the water temperatures are now above 50, so we’ve taken to the water. The quarantine rules have relaxed some, so I am traveling a bit farther afield. I drove to Squam Lake, spent the day with my niece and her husband, washed a few windows and took a short paddle.

Water’s edge. Squam Lake, NH 5/20/20

The next day, Jane and I met her brother, sister, and brother-in-law for a delightful kayak on Upper Baker Pond in Orford. We saw a pair of loons, some white flowering bushes,

Loon. Upper Baker Pond, NH. 5/21/20
Shad bush (Service Berry?) Upper Baker Pond, NH 5/21/20

and one mallard drake. Is the hen sitting on a nest?

Mallard drake. Upper Baker Pond, NH 5/21/20

We kayaked on the Connecticut River out of Wilder on Saturday. We came across a family of geese.

Canada goose family. Connecticut River, NH 5/22/20

It was finally warm enough that we heard the frogs singing.

Frog. Connecticut River, VT. 5/22/20
Spotted sandpiper. Connecticut River, VT. 5/23/20