The Pompy and Grafton Pond

It was a day for green herons on the Pompy on Tuesday: we saw several and they posed nicely.

Green heron –Ompompanoosuc River, VT 7/31/17

Irritated young green heron — –Ompompanoosuc River, VT 7/31/17
Green heron reflected –Ompompanoosuc River, VT 7/31/17

We also saw great blue herons on the Pompy as well as at Grafton Pond on Wednesday.

Great blue heron –Ompompanoosuc River, VT 7/31/17

Great blue heron –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

The views of Mt Cardigan is always nice.

Jane and Mt Cardigan –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

Of course we saw loons at the pond: a couple that surfaced close to the kayaks and a parent with 2 chicks,
Loon –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

Loon –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

Loon with chicks –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

and saw geese and a dog on a SUP.

Canada goose –Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

A dog who was not sure he wanted to be on a SUP–Grafton Pond, NH 8/1/17

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