The Pompy,North Hartland Lake, Grafton Pond 6/21-25

We’ve had a busy week paddling. Wednesday found us on the Pompy. We didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but it is always a pleasant paddle.

Yellow shafted flicker –Ompompanoosuc River 6/21/17

North Hartland Lake was our next outing. We saw our first great blue heron of the year as well as the usual sandpipers, a cormorant, turtles and a grackle. We were serenaded by songs birds, but didn’t see many. The yellow and blue flags were in full bloom.

Great blue heron –North Hartland Lake 6/22/17

Grackle –North Hartland Lake 6/22/17
Yellow flag –North Hartland Lake 6/22/17

Today we went to Grafton Pond. We found loons, including a young chick.

Loon parent and baby –Grafton Pond, NH 6/25/17

One of the loons tried to fly right at us, but decided the runway was too short, so stopped and dove.

Loon trying take off –Grafton Pond, NH 6/25/17

Canada goose and blue flag –Grafton Pond, NH 6/25/17
Turtle –Grafton Pond, NH 6/25/17
Butterfly on mountain laurel –Grafton Pond, NH 6/25/17

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