From my kayak 6/22-7/11

We have spent several days a week in our kayaks for the past few weeks. We have just seen a few ducks and geese this year, but a wide variety of other wildlife.



Other animals


And a couple of other things not from a kayak.

Milkweed flower. Hartford, VT 7/6/19
Sunset after a storm. Hartford, VT 7/6/19

Eagles here and there (and other stuff) 6/15-19

We have seen eagles everywhere we paddled this week, as well as other interesting stuff.

From my kayak 6/7-10

We had 4 days of beautiful weather– bluebird skies, air temperatures around 80º, water temps in the mid to upper 50’s, so we headed for some of our favorite rivers.

We didn’t find any herons and only a few ducks and geese, but there was still a lot to see and hear. The frog sounds were so loud that it drowned out the traffic noise on the Pompy.

Fall 2018

After a delightful paddle on Canadian Thanksgiving, the weather turned cold and we put the kayaks away for the winter.

Fog lifting. Squam Lake, NH 10/7/2018

For the most part the fall colors in the Upper Valley were muted.

Connecticut River 11/5/2018

We had a white Thanksgiving,

Wind across the valley. Hartford, VT 11/21/2018

Turkeys crossing the street. Hartford, VT 12/12/2018

and the Connecticut was ice covered by mid December.

Ice’s edge. Connecticut River, Wilder, VT 12/12/2018

Sophia checking out the tree at Kilowatt. Wilder, VT 11/30/2018


We are still kayaking, though more in the afternoons and are still seeing wildlife; some migrant and some resident. 


Mallard with breeding plumage. Connecticut River 9/16/18
Common mergansers. Ompompanoosuc River 9/30/18
Common mergansers. Ompompanoosuc River 9/30/18
Hooded merganser taking off. Mink Brook 9/23/18
Common loon with a fish for baby. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Young loon. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Great blue heron. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Bald eagle. Connecticut River 9/17/18
Swimming squirrel. Connecticut River 9/17/18
Deer in the garden. Hartford, VT 9/20/18
Floating leaf. Connecticut River 9/27/18