Observations and Commentary

Author: Lensman

  • SoFoBoMo Day 1

    Just getting started with the SoFoBoMo Project. I’m still not quite sure of the exact nature of the book I will do, but at least now I have started down the path. 🙂

  • New Publicity Photo

    Here is the new photo that my friend and colleague Charlie Parker of Images Plus Photography did for me the other day. I needed a new one to use on the VPP web site for my position as the Representative from Vermont to PPANE. Maybe in a few days I’ll post some of the out-takes.…

  • New Cameras

    Went and picked up a pair of the new Canon Powershot G9 cameras late yesterday afternoon for Nancy and me. Looks like they will fit the “carry-everywhere” bill just fine. I’ll post more when I’ve had a chance to become more familiar with just what it can do.

  • Don’t Believe it!

    Labor Day has come and gone. Everybody is saying “That’s the end of Summer.” Well, that’s an arbitrary and artificial declaration! I say, ignore it! The equinox isn’t for a few more weeks! Go enjoy more Summer!

  • I thought it was supposed to be spring!?

    This is what we woke up to this morning. Eight inches of new, wet, heavy snow. Oh well, at least it shouldn’t last long.