We are still kayaking, though more in the afternoons and are still seeing wildlife; some migrant and some resident. 


Mallard with breeding plumage. Connecticut River 9/16/18
Common mergansers. Ompompanoosuc River 9/30/18
Common mergansers. Ompompanoosuc River 9/30/18
Hooded merganser taking off. Mink Brook 9/23/18
Common loon with a fish for baby. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Young loon. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Great blue heron. Grafton Pond 9/29/18
Bald eagle. Connecticut River 9/17/18
Swimming squirrel. Connecticut River 9/17/18
Deer in the garden. Hartford, VT 9/20/18
Floating leaf. Connecticut River 9/27/18


There have been an overabundance of squirrels this year after last year’s bumper crop of pine cones and acorns. They have been migrating across roads and rivers, looking for greener pastures. This week we have seen them swimming the Connecticut almost every day we have been out.

Grey squirrel swimming. Connecticut River, 9/8/18

This grey squirrel landed on the pile of logs in the middle of the river for a rest before continuing on to the Vermont side.

Squirrel still soggy after his swim. Connecticut River, 9/9/18
Even squirrels shake the water off. Connecticut River, 9/9/18