McDaniels Marsh 5/25

We had a good day at McDaniels. A little chilly and windy, but the wildlife viewing was excellent. The highlight of the day was seeing an American bittern, a lifer for me.

American bittern McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20
American bittern. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

The blackbirds were plentiful,

Red-winged blackbird. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

as were the Canadian geese.

Canadian geese. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

We even saw a loon pair.

Loon. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

The frogs were singing mating calls,

Frogs McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

and the osprey was watching it all.

Osprey. McDaniels Marsh, NH. 5/25/20

From my kayak 8/27-9/17

We’ve been in our kayaks often in the past few weeks and have see a lot.

Great blue herons have appeared in most the the usual spots, but doing some unusual things.

Great blue heron with pond lilies.–Ompompanoosuc River 8/27/19
Great blue heron displaying. North Hartland Lake 8/31/19

This heron landed near another heron and put on this display.

“What’s that invading my marsh?” Great blue heron –McDaniel’s Marsh 9/7/19
Great blue heron fishing from a perch. Grafton Pond 9/10/19

The heron was fishing from a branch a few feet above the water, dove into the water, missed the fish, struggled back up to the branch and ruffled his feathers to dry off.

Great blue heron drying off from a dip in the lake. Grafton Pond 9/10/19

We also saw an egret and several green herons, eagles, deer, dragonflies and butterflies, and flowers.

Egret. North Hartland Lake 8/31/19
Green heron. –Connecticut River 9/6/19
Green heron scratching — Connecticut River 9/6/19
Young eagle getting his adult feathers. Connecticut River 9/15/19
Cormorant –Connecticut River 8/26/19
Deer — North Hartland Lake 8/31/19
Dragonfly –Connecticut River 9/15/19
Butterfly on asters. Connecticut River 9/15/19
Closed gentian –Connecticut River 9/12/19

Kayaking 7/12-18

This week found us on several of our favorite waters. Of course we saw ducks,

Duck on a log –Mink Brook, Hanover, NH 7/14/17

Mallard flotilla — Connecticut River, 7/14/17

“Quack” Mallard ducks — Connecticut River, 7/17/17

great blue herons,

Great blue heron — –North Hartland Lake 7/16/17

Great blue heron with a big fish (catfish?)
–North Hartland Lake 7/16/17

Great blue heron –McDaniel’s marsh 7/18/17

Fledgling Eastern Phoebe and adult — Connecticut River, 7/14/17

Kingfisher — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17

and kingbirds.
Nestling kingbird –North Hartland Lake 7/16/17

Kingbird on the honeysuckle bush — Connecticut River, 7/17/17

We also saw turtles,

Painted turtle — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17
Painted turtle, –Mink Brook, Hanover, NH 7/14/17


Muskrat — Connecticut River, 7/17/17

and flowers.
Pond lily — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17

I still don’t know what this is. — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17

Pickerel weed — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17
Wild rose — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17

Water lily — McDaniel’s Marsh, Enfield, NH 7/18/17