Winter / Spring 2022

I’ve had a good winter (too long!) and spring, taking daily walks, photographing dogs and other things at Kilowatt Park and around home.

Sunset on Jericho St.

Winter/Spring 2020-21

I’ve spent the winter and spring walking with the dogs most afternoons at Kilowatt Park.

Along the trail in the snow.
The doodles: Bear, Nellie and Gemma

As the snow melted, we held a rubber duckie party.

Jesper choosing a rubber duckie. Kilowatt, 3-23

We also have seen some wildlife..


and flowers.

Colts foot.

A few things from November and December

I’ve taken walks at Kilowatt Park in Wilder, VT nearly every day and have found a few things that are picture worthy.

Rainbow. Kilowatt Park, 12/2/2020
Fog on the Connecticut. Kilowatt Park, 12/12/2020

I’ve also photographed some squirrels and birds.

Red squirrel Kilowatt Park, 11/15/2020
Red squirrel. Hartford, VT 12/11/2020
Chickadee. Hartford, VT 12/17/2020
Hairy woodpecker. Hartford, VT 11/7/2020

Foxes at Kilowatt

Last winter we found a fox den not far from the trails at Kilowatt. For the last couple of weeks, we have been watching the kit foxes playing and sunning themselves.

Winter with the dogs +

I’ve spent the winter walking with the dogs at Kilowatt Park and Maxfield Sports Center in Hartford, VT.

And a few other favorites.