Late Spring Kayaking

Jane and I have been kayaking several times since mid-May.

The Pompy in the spring. Ompompanoosuc River 5/16/21

The Pompy had several families of Canada geese as well as some hooded mergansers.

Canada Goose and goslings. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25/21
Hooded merganser family. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25

They are both good parents but with differing parenting styles. The geese kept close watch over their goslings, keeping them in line with adults at both ends.

Canada goose family all in a line. Ompompanoosuc River 5/25/21

On the other hand, the hooded merganser mother hid her family and splashed away, hoping we would follow her.

Mama hooded merganser splashing to lead us away from her family.

We also saw a variety of birds, animals, and flowers on the rivers we paddled.

Kingbird. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Red winged blackbird. Ompompanoosuc River. 5/25/21
Eagle. North Hartland Lake 6/1/21
Frog. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Columbine. Connecticut River 5/19/21
Pink petals in the river. Connecticut River 5/19/21

Winter/Spring 2020-21

I’ve spent the winter and spring walking with the dogs most afternoons at Kilowatt Park.

Along the trail in the snow.
The doodles: Bear, Nellie and Gemma

As the snow melted, we held a rubber duckie party.

Jesper choosing a rubber duckie. Kilowatt, 3-23

We also have seen some wildlife..


and flowers.

Colts foot.

A few things from November and December

I’ve taken walks at Kilowatt Park in Wilder, VT nearly every day and have found a few things that are picture worthy.

Rainbow. Kilowatt Park, 12/2/2020
Fog on the Connecticut. Kilowatt Park, 12/12/2020

I’ve also photographed some squirrels and birds.

Red squirrel Kilowatt Park, 11/15/2020
Red squirrel. Hartford, VT 12/11/2020
Chickadee. Hartford, VT 12/17/2020
Hairy woodpecker. Hartford, VT 11/7/2020

VINS 11/10/2020

On Tuesday, Jane and I enjoyed our trip to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science which specializes in rehabilitating raptors. All the birds on exhibit cannot be returned to the wild for some reason, whether having a missing or injured wing, brain damage, being imprinted on humans etc. Their talks are informative, though for the winter, they only present one bird per talk. We first saw a barn owl.

Barn owl.

We walked through the exhibits, and saw owls, ravens,

Barred owl


Red tailed hawks
Rough-legged hawk
Broad winged hawk

and eagles.

Golden eagles
Bald eagle
Bald eagle

We took a walk on the trails including the canopy walk which puts you 30-70 feet in the air, near the tops of the trees.

The tower on the canopy trail.
Eagle sculpture on the canopy walk

We went back to another informative talk on the Harris hawk. This hawk lives in the Southwest and often hunts in packs.

Harris hawk in flight
Harris hawk

From my kayak: End of the season. 10/18-24

The kayaks are put away for the winter, but we had several trips out in late October, a couple with Jane’s family.

Rick and Susie. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020
Rick and Adam. Lake Fairlee, VT 10/18/2020
Connecticut River. 10/22/20
Rick and Jamie. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020
Reflections. Lake Fairlee, VT 10/18/2020

The water fowl are skittish, and harder to find.

Common merganser. Connecticut River, 10/22/2020
Hooded mergansers take off. Mink Brook 10/22/2020
Mallard. Mink Brook. 10/20/2020
Canada goose. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020

but there are other birds to be found.

Great blue heron. Mink Brook, 10/22/2020
White throated sparrow. Connecticut River, VT 10/18/2020
Immature eagle. Ompompanoosuc River 10/20/2020
Loon. Crystal Lake, Enfield, NH 10/24/2020